Architecture is a form of art, whereby the architect is not simply coming up with just another house plan, but rather, designing a unique structure with distinctive characteristics that manage to combine artistic elements with practical aspects. 

The field of contemporary architecture is gaining more acclaim by top New York architects, top London architects and Provincetown architects as it emphasizes the importance of uniqueness and originality. Indeed, contemporary architects design buildings with the same artistic elements as a sculptor would with his or her sculptures.


Contemporary architecture, as an art form, is demonstrated in the remarkable Flight House designed by Studio KHORA, a well-known top 50 architects in the USA. This impressive team of Miami architects is renowned for their modern and contemporary houses, and Flight House is just another feather in their cap.

As the Senior Designer of this original house, Alex Penna states, …”what distinguishes contemporary architecture from modern architecture is the fact that there is nothing that can hold back a great design”. And in fact, the inventiveness and originality of the contemporary architect can be truly appreciated when you witness the sculptural forms and artistic design of Flight House.

Flight House is indeed contemporary art thanks to its cutting-edge design and innovative elements and features. The design is inspired by deconstructivism, a field of postmodern architecture that became popular forty years ago and is becoming increasingly popular since the start of the twenty-first century. Deconstructivist buildings seem to be somewhat fragmented, void of focus on continuity or symmetry; however, this does not mean that such buildings lack harmony. 

The Flight House, for instance, can be seen as having the ground floor and the first floor as disjointed or uneven from one another. But the beauty of this design lies in the original approach and construction; the segmentation of the house is unique and original in both form and structure. 

The pearly white accents of the house achieve a modern and spacious feel, as does the use of glass throughout. The architects behind the design and construction of this beautiful house managed to strike just the right balance between the various elements, with inventiveness and originality, to create a truly artistic building that evokes a sense of luxury and style.

The Flight House is quite simply a beautiful and inventive work of art, a clear demonstration of just how far contemporary architects can go when they unleash their inventiveness and imagination beyond the limits of traditional construction. 


[ Studio KHORA ] is proud to be named a 2021 Top 50 Coastal Architect by Ocean Home Magazine. Studio KHORA previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, has received this prestigious honor for the past seven consecutive years. 


Our primary focus is to provide [ CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURAL  &  INTERIOR DESIGN ] for luxury waterfront homes in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, Hawaii, Bahamas, and Dubai. Studio KHORA is expanding its world-wide reach to include Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.


Previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, founded in 1985, RNA achieved world-wide recognition and 11 American Institute of Architects awards. 

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