DFM Flow Meters are easy to install and operate, and are ideal for monitoring small and medium flows. They have a user-friendly 5-button menu keypad, which allows the user to set the meter’s parameters easily. DFM Flowmeters are compatible with most pipe materials, and use Doppler technology, which sends a signal through the pipe wall and reflects it off the particles in the liquid. Doppler pipe flow measurement can be used to control the flow within a process, for flow proportionate measurements, and even to test and validate existing equipment.

DFM Flow Meters are typically installed in a fuel supply or return line. The DFM D has two chambers, one for feed and another for return. The chambers are marked with the letters “F” for the feed line and “R” for the return line. Flow meter installation depends on the specific fuel system specification of a vehicle. The operation manual of a DFM Flowmeter provides guidance on its placement.

DFM Flow Meters are suitable for both fuel and oil systems. Their mounting options allow for either horizontal, vertical, or tilted installations. The DFM 10-1M is a direct connection to a heating manifold. The DFM 15-2M and 20-2M are both equipped with shut-off ball valves and are suitable for operating pressures of up to 10 bar. They can be configured with standard nominal diameters and system connections.

DFM Flow Meters are designed to monitor fuel consumption in vehicles and other vehicles. A DFM D is installed directly into the fuel line of a vehicle. The device is highly reliable and durable and can be replaced on-site. Its body is made from rugged material to protect it from dirt and attempts to disable it. The DFM can be calibrated and reprogrammed at any time. They are easy to use and install, so you can trust your DFM to handle your needs.

The DFM is a popular variable area flow meter. Its low maintenance and easy-to-install design make it ideal for a variety of applications. The DFM can be easily calibrated using a DFM service cable. A DFM i is compatible with all the same hardware. It comes with a USB-A-B port. The DFM i also has a reprogramming capability.

A DFM D is installed in the return and supply lines of a fuel system. Each chamber is connected to the correct line. The DFM D has a built-in mud filter, which protects the supply chamber from debris and other contaminants. This increases the durability and reliability of the flow meter, and is easy to replace on-site. It also eliminates the need for testing the body integrity of the DFM.