After a decade of polarizing users, Instagram has finally embraced the times and made some significant changes. The company is now moving beyond square photo-sharing to video-sharing. While it’s unclear what exactly is changing, the change may be to improve on TikTok-like features and make tweaks to match the latest trends in graphic design. Here are some of the biggest changes and how you can make them work for you.

If you use Instagram regularly, you’ve probably noticed a change in the font. The new font looks less cluttered, but it does make it harder to read. It is no longer as easy to see and type in. The font was the same as before, but some users reported that it’s not. The change is a result of iOS 11.2 changes. In addition to changing the font, the app is changing the way that it displays images.

Another big change is the way Instagram change displays images. It used to be all square pictures, but now it has opted to use horizontal scrolling. This means that it has become more convenient for users to see content in a more compact layout. This change will make it easier for people to see more of what they’ve been posting. But, as a reminder, the square format will still be available for people to share. However, this may not be the best solution for everyone.

Instagram also made some adjustments to its algorithm. While it isn’t drastic, users noticed a difference in the font on their feed. The new font will be less prominent than the old one, and it will give more weight to when you post something new. This will make it more likely that your content will appear high up on the feed. This will be beneficial for many people, but it won’t be for everyone. The updated font is an important change for Instagram and the future of the social media giant.

The new feature is rolling out in a few countries now, and it is similar to the one that was rolled out a few years ago. The new feature alerts users when they reach the bottom of their feeds and suggests posts for them to like. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the new feature doesn’t affect the previous recommendations about what to post on Instagram. It’s important to understand that this change does not change the rules about who can post on the social network.

The new format for the hashtags on Instagram is a little more complex than its current format, and users may be concerned about the impact on their feeds. In short, it’s the new name, which is the main thing people will notice. The new URL is not the same as the old one, and it will be difficult for users to find it. This is a big change, and it means that it’s time to update all your links.