When shopping for an Easter gift, consider what your child enjoys. For example, a boy may love playing with a plastic colander, while a girl might appreciate a plush toy that is shaped like an Easter bunny. And for toddlers and preschoolers, there’s nothing cuter than a plastic bucket. Or, you could go for something more practical, like a storage bin from the NFL, complete with a football helmet and jersey.

A foodie’s Easter gift doesn’t have to be pricey: a gastronomic dice can help the indecisive chef decide which dishes to create. Another great idea is a small gadget, which doesn’t break the bank. An iPhone case, charging stand, or lens kit are a few great examples of inexpensive gifts that are sure to impress. For a techie, a wireless headset or a set of headphones might be a perfect addition.

Crafty Easter gifts can be as varied as your child’s tastes. A 7-inch doll can be a great gift for a child’s first craft project. A set of paint and brush is the perfect way to introduce a child to the art of painting. A craft kit of paper and faux eggs is a wonderful way to introduce the children to different colors and styles. This is also a fun way to get older children involved in the holiday festivities.

Kids’ books are always a welcome addition. A set of classic stories by Edgar Allan Poe would make a wonderful gift. There are also lots of children’s books, which are fun to read with family and friends. A good place to start shopping for gifts is with pre-made baskets. It’s easier than you think to find a thoughtful gift when there are pre-made baskets available. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a beautiful serving platter from the store.

A foodie’s basket is not complete without a little gift for the foodie. A foodie dice is a great gift for an indecisive child. It can be used to spice up any dish. A fun craft kit can be a great addition to an Easter basket. The best gifts are those that inspire creativity and have a purpose. The kids are sure to love these items. It’s also an excellent gift for parents and grandparents!

For the little one in your life, an adorable and unique Easter basket is the perfect gift. A stuffed animal shaped like a bunny is a fun way to get your child’s attention. The stuffed animal can be used as a toy in its own right, or it can be used for storage. A gift that is truly unique is always appreciated. If you’re looking for a unique Easter basket, consider these great ideas: