The SGP package includes functions to create student growth projections and percentiles from panel data. It uses two main formats for the data, WIDE and LONG. WIDE data is used by most functions in SGP, but LONG data is the more popular choice for most analyses. LONG data has a number of storage and preparation advantages. Here are the most common uses of LONG data. We hope this article is useful to you.

sgpData contains information on the student and teacher associated with the test record. This data is anonymized. It includes the students and teachers associated with the same test record. In addition, each teacher may be associated with more than one student. This means that a student may be assigned to more than one teacher during the year. In other words, the data may be incomplete, but it is still useful to use as a reference.

LONG data is anonymized panel data. It contains data from 8 windows for each assessment. Each window contains assessment information for three content areas. The WIDE and LONG data format are used when the data has multiple instructors. For example, if a teacher has more than one student associated with them, it could result in several students being assigned to him during a year. The LONG data format allows you to make more than one student growth plot for the same student.

The sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER function provides anonymized student-instructor lookup tables. This provides instructor information for each student test record. However, this information is not always available. In some cases, more than one teacher is associated with the same student. The Data sg_INSTRUTOR_NUMBER function can be used to obtain more information. In this case, the SGP class has more teachers than one student, and the SGP dataset contains multiple teachers.

The SGPdata_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER table provides instructor information for each student’s test records. It is possible for the same student to have more than one instructor associated with them. It’s important to remember that a single student can be assigned to more than one instructor during a school year. The SGPdata_INSTRUCTORNUMBER field is an internal data container for flagicon templates.

sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER is an anonymized student-instructor lookup table. It contains information about the instructor of a student’s test records. The SGP package assumes the presence of state-specific meta-data. For a more complete documentation of SGP, consult the sgpData_INSTRUCTIONAL_NUMBER_NUMBER and sgp_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER_NUMBER_NUM_INFORMATION.

The WORKERS list is an SGP database that stores data that’s analyzed in a particular manner. The WORKERS list can accept a number of different types of data. The SGP state, or SGP, is a data object that contains the state of a certain country. It is a type of sgp dataset that contains a set of SGP-data objects. Its primary purpose is to store state-level information.