A Singulair Lawsuit involves the side effects of a prescription drug. In one such case, the plaintiff’s grandmother became severely ill from taking the medication. Her grandmother later suffered from chronic kidney problems. This led to a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the medication. Singulair was recalled in 2003 and the company changed the way it sold the drug. But this lawsuit is not over yet.

The FDA has issued a new warning for Singulair, which details the side effects of the medication. Many of the Singulair lawsuits involved people who knew the drug was dangerous, but still took it. Other lawsuits have involved more than one person. If you have been prescribed Singulair, talk to your doctor about filing a lawsuit. Remember, the manufacturer can’t deny that it is causing you harm.

A Singulair lawsuit can be difficult to pursue, but it is not impossible. In some cases, the drug manufacturer knows it causes mental and physical side effects, but sold the drug to the public. However, the company says that they failed to warn the public about these side effects. The company argues that it did not tell the grandmother about the risks of Singulair, which includes liver disease and kidney failure. But the FDA does warn about the possible side effects of the medication.

In the most recent Singulair Lawsuit, the plaintiff’s grandmother filed suit against the manufacturer. Merck knew her grandmother had a severe allergic reaction to Singulair, and sold her the product anyway. The case alleged that the company was negligent in failing to warn the grandmother about the serious health problems she suffered from taking the medication. Because of the dangers of the drug, the company claimed that it failed to warn the woman.

In a recent lawsuit, a woman named R.S.B. claims that the drug caused her grandmother’s severe liver damage. A Singulair Lawsuit involves a woman who was prescribed the medication for her son after the manufacturer knew about her condition and failed to inform her of the dangers. The woman filed the lawsuit after the FDA ordered Merck to place a black box warning on the medicine. The case is now moving through the court system.

Singulair lawsuits usually involve the plaintiff’s grandmother. The manufacturer of the drug knew about the adverse effects that the grandmother was suffering. She bought the medication and started taking it after reading the warnings on the drug. But the company argued that she was never warned about the potential side effects of Singulair. She developed severe liver disease and suffered from poor coping skills. She has now filed a Singulair Lawsuit against the manufacturer.

The FDA added a black box warning on the drug for its side effects. This warning was not included on the packaging of the drug. Because the drug was so new and did not have enough research, the manufacturer could have easily avoided any lawsuits. In fact, the FDA is still investigating the safety of Singulair. In the meantime, it has ruled that Merck is liable for any damages caused by Singulair.