The 2010 study by the National Institutes of Health found a direct correlation between the use of powder talces and ovarian cancer. The researchers followed more than 61,000 women over the eight-year period. This finding confirms that Talc-based body powder can cause cancer. While ovarian cancer is rare, the risk can still be high, and many women have sued Johnson & Johnson. Nevertheless, the company consistently denies the risk of talcizing powder and ovarian disease. The FDA watchdog group and consumers have removed this problem.

Even though powder talces were non-toxic, he could stick to the ovary for years. Therefore, it can cause cancer. It can remain in the ovary for years and it is difficult to remove, making it a choice that is not attractive to women. The long-term effects of tale powder can be dangerous, so it’s important to avoid it. In addition, the use of talek powder has been associated with respiratory diseases.

Research has suggested that tale powder have a high risk of ovarian cancer. This is partly due to the fact that ovarian cancer has a strong genetic component. This means that if a woman’s family has an ovarian tumor, the risk increases. Ovarian cancer also tends to occur more commonly in women aged 50 to 60 years, and this might have to do with talcet powder.

Even though this research is small, the proof is strong. The use of regular talks is related to ovarian cancer in women who regularly use products. However, this study relied on the memory of women who had used powder a decade before. This phenomenon is known as bias memory. And this is why the risk of women’s ovarian cancer will not be the same for everyone. If you suffer from ovarian cancer, it is very important to consult a doctor and discuss your choice. Trying a lot of visit Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

In addition to powder, ovarian cancer is also very related to asbestos. As a result, the risk of women’s ovarian cancer is up to 35 percent when using powder talc. In addition, TALC can also increase the risk of a woman affected by uterine and ovarian cancer by 30%. If you consider powder-free cosmetic products, you have to look for one without powder in it.

Studies have diverse results. Some show correlations, while others don’t. While some women may experience a mild increase in cancer after using Talc, some women might even be at a lower risk. This is why Talc is a very good choice for pregnant women. Some women have been exposed to their childhood. Thousands of other women have been exposed to him. Safe for men to avoid the risk of ovarian cancer.