Our main services include non skilled personal care professional and in-home skilled nursing both long term and short term. Our home care encompasses all professional support services that enable a person to live comfortably in their own home. We are compassionate and polite. Our employees take their work seriously and show up to work everyday. You can expect to see us everyday to assist the patient as long as it is needed. Our In-home care services can support someone who is aging and requires assistance to live independently, someone who is managing chronic health difficulties, someone who is recuperating from a medical setback, or someone who has special needs or a handicap. Our professional caregivers, such as nurses, aides, and therapists, provide either short-term or long-term care in the home, depending on the needs of the individual.

Home Health Care In Greensboro

This is short term medical care. For patients who don’t need constant surveillance by a medical professional, a visiting nurse could be an appointment for them. These are patients who might be recovering from illness, injury or hospital stay. From prenatal through senior care, the medically skilled home health care services assist you in recovering from an illness or injury, regaining or maintaining independence, and managing your condition outside of a hospital or nursing facility. Your treatments are offered in the comfort of your own home by trained medical professionals and may be reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. Trying additional visit Home care agency Greensboro

In-Home Skilled Nursing In Greensboro

This is long term skilled nursing where medical assistance is involved. Skilled nurses can help with physical therapy as recommended by doctor, occupational therapy, give respiratory care, provide ventilator care, dialysis care, renal care, provide wound management, help patients with injuries, give stroke recovery care as well as Cardiac care. Skilled nurses are paid on an hourly basis. As the name suggests, skilled nurses are medically trained professionals to take care of patients with a whole range of medical issues who are staying at home. Most of these patients are either recovering at home or terminally ill and need medical help everyday of their life.

Elderly Care Assistance In Greensboro

Our nurses can help with long term home care. For elderly or chronically ill such as people in coma, a nurse will be appointed. Our caregivers will be present with the patient everyday to help with their everyday activities like bathing, dressing, food preparation, feeding, giving medication, and providing companionship. This is a type of non-medical care that does not include physical therapies, rehabilitative therapies, catheter changes, tube feeding, and administration of intravenous medication. Personal care assistance can help edlerly to special need patients to feel safe in their home and give family members a peace of mind while they go about their day.