Critical Kush is a super-short-flowering indica-dominant hybrid that has few disadvantages. It is ready to harvest in late September or early October, and can be grown indoors in 55-60 days. However, this strain can have moisture issues if the climate is too wet. If you’re in a climate where rain falls daily, Critical Kush might not flower at all. Because of its short-flowering cycle, it is best to grow it in a warm, dry climate. Its high-impact aroma is enough to make it suitable for guerrilla growing, but it does have some other shortcomings that you should be aware of.

The taste of Critical Kush is not dominant, but it is very strong and lingering. Its flavor is fruity and woody. It is not discreet at all, so it’s best to use a vaporizer to enjoy its high. But that doesn’t mean that the strain isn’t perfect for beginners. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors. The medium-sized plant grows to a height of 100-110 cm and finishes flowering in eight weeks.

The benefits of Critical Kush are numerous. This strain produces a long-lasting, potent, and soothing effect. Its resin-rich nugs are a joy to hold and consume. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing and is ideal for newbies and intermediate growers alike. The feminized form of the strain is easy to grow and is available at a very affordable price. A few months after seed germination, Critical Kush will be ready for harvest.

Because Critical Kush is so potent, it’s easy to grow outdoors. It can grow in a warm outdoor climate. One gram of this strain can produce 21 ounces of good bud. It can be harvested in nine to ten weeks. So, if you’re looking for a plant that will give you great results in just a few weeks, you’ve found the right strain. If you’re looking for a feminized version of Critical Kush, this is it.

Despite its potent effects, Critical Kush is easy to grow and has a huge range of advantages. It has high-THC levels of up to 25%, and also offers significant amounts of CBD (up to 2%). The plant’s aroma is very strong and lingers for several hours after flowering. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing nightcap or pain relief, this marijuana strain will give you a happy feeling.

The high from Critical Kush is very relaxing, but the high is often not overpowering. It is often best suited to low-intensity activities, such as binge-watching. Its moderate yield makes it a very popular choice amongst gardeners. There are few strains that can provide the same mental and physical benefits as this kush. Just remember to use moderation when it comes to this plant.