The recreational market is open in New York State, and there are numerous medical and recreational dispensaries across the state. These facilities are generally open from 9am to 10pm, and many of them provide curbside pickup and delivery. Adults who are over 21 can purchase marijuana from these establishments. Purchasing marijuana from a licensed medical or recreational dispensary requires a valid ID. The money raised by taxes on the sale of marijuana goes to the state and local governments, which use the funds for general needs.

Despite the statewide legalization of marijuana, individual municipalities can still opt out of the industry. Under the law, each municipality has nine months to decide whether or not to allow on-site consumption lounges or recreational dispensaries. The law gives municipalities the right to ban recreational marijuana stores and on-site dispensaries, but many cities have opted out of this measure for safety reasons. However, a number of businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and building recreational dispensaries in their communities. Wanting additional visit Recreational dispensary near me

In addition to medical and recreational marijuana establishments, there are also many on-site cannabis lounges. These lounges are analogous to a bar. The difference is the location. In some cities, the legalization of marijuana dispensaries has been enacted, while in others, the legalization of the substance is still in its early stages. While a medical dispensary is typically a health clinic, a recreational one has a health-clinic feel. In some cases, a business like an apple orchard can become a recreational marijuana location.