Some dispensaries are warning customers to stay away from the Gold Coast Clear Carts, which are marketed as premium terpenes blended with a cold ethanol solvent. But it is important to note that these products are not legal in controlled cannabis markets. In fact, many drug dealers are taking advantage of the unregulated status of the brand. The company’s website does not mention harmful toxins, and some customers have reported experiencing a synthetic high.

As for the company behind the brand, it is the gold coast clear vape cartridges that are causing the problem. They have a large number of negative reviews on the web, and there is no official website or social media presence. The product is often referred to as GCC and is not regulated. The Gold Coast Ghost is a popular myth, and the company is currently working on a long-term plan to prevent brain damage.

A gold coast clear vaporizer is an easy-to-use device that enables you to get the high you need without the risk of addiction. The cartridges have a pre-charged battery and are preloaded with cannabis oil. The heat inside the device turns the active ingredients in the liquid into vapor. This is said to be healthier than smoking, and it is lighter and easier on the lungs. The website also has a directory of dispensaries that sell the product.

Although the company is not regulated by the FDA, it does have a directory of dispensaries that sell the products. Its name is often abbreviated as GCC. The company does not have a website and does not have a large social media presence. It could be a scam, but the brand’s website and online store are not. There are stories of the “Gold Coast Ghost” being a victim of a fake Gold Coast Clear vape cartridge, and this story is not helping the situation.

The vapor cartridges sold by the company are manufactured in Canada. The company sells different brands, including a summer edition cart that contains cannabis oil. The active ingredients inside the vaporizer are converted into vapor. While the vapor is not regulated, it is safer than smoke and is more efficient. It has no harmful side effects and is recommended for people who smoke. There are some people who are addicted to the nicotine in the vapor.

There are several reasons why a Gold Coast Clear vape cart is not regulated. A few people may think that it is a legitimate brand, but it might be a counterfeit. Despite the similarities in the name, there is no connection between the brand and the company. However, the company does provide a directory of dispensaries and has a social media presence. Its website is a legitimate site for the product.