Activated on July 15, 1957, the 99th Air Refueling Squadron served with the Strategic Air Command until 1983, when it consolidated with the 399th Bombardment Squadron. In 1992, it became an element of the Air Mobility Command. In 2008, the unit was inactivated and reactivated as an associated unit. In May 1959, the 99th AFS was authorized to begin operations. As of May 2014, the group has nine aircraft.

As the climate has changed, heat waves have become more common, causing a rash of deaths in East Asia. This has increased the importance of studying these events, and the science required to understand and predict them has developed along with the demands of society. In June 2018, the hot and humid conditions were recorded as the worst since 1918, with tropical nights. This led to the formation of the Asian 99th Air Refueling Squadron and its mission of combating global warming.

In July, the Asian nation officially declared its first-ever International Women’s Day. To commemorate this special day, the UN has set a theme of equal rights and the importance of ensuring equal access to resources. To celebrate the day, the 99th AFS has adopted the slogan: “We are all women, no matter what we look like.” And the motto is, “We are all one and the same.” This means that the military’s training is focused on preserving the diversity of cultures and religions within Asia.

The Asia99th Air Refueling Squadron was originally a reconnaissance unit, serving in the China-Burma-India Theater of War. As the name suggests, it specialized in aerial refueling, utilizing a Boeing KC-97 and KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. In addition to combating airborne threats, the 99th AFS was instrumental in peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance, and wartime relief.

The 9th Air Refueling Squadron first commenced operations during World War II and continued to serve in the China-Burma-India Theater of War. The unit also operated Boeing KC-97 and KC-135 Stratotankers during the Coldwar. The Asian 99th has been deployed throughout the world and has been a vital part of peacekeeping and wartime efforts. Its name reflects the region’s long history and continued service.

The 99th Air Refueling Squadron is a member of the 6th Air Mobility Wing. The unit flies Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft and has been operational since October 2009. The 117th Air Refueling Wing is an active associate unit that flies the Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft. Historically, the 99th was organized as the 9th Reconnaissance Squadron during World War II and the 399th Bombardment Squadron was inactivated in May 1944.

The 99th Air Refueling Squadron is part of the 6th Air Mobility Wing. The wing supports the 117th Air Refueling Wing. Its name is a code-name for the 117th Air Refueling Squadron. The 113th AFS is a support and flight organization for the 117th. So, the wing’s missions in Asia are vital for the United States.