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Bansi slaps Siddharth, and he apologizes for taking Roshni out without her permission. Roshni is outraged and asks Pintoo to find out more about Bansi. Meanwhile, Siddharth tries to get information about Bansi from the police. When Pintoo does so, Bansi is found guilty of the crime.

Bansi slaps Siddharth, after he takes Roshni out without her consent. Kunal apologizes to Roshni, and Siddharth asks Pintoo to get the information he needs about Bansi. As the two continue to argue, Siddharth is forced to make a decision between Siddharth and Bansi.

When Bansi slaps Siddharth, he tries to protect Roshni, but Roshni tells him that she was angry with him because he took her out without her permission. Kunal apologizes to Roshni, but Siddharth still refuses to forgive Bansi for his behavior. After all, Bansi is not the type of person who makes a decision without consulting a professional, so the best thing to do is to take action. 

When Roshni is accused of stealing Siddharth’s girlfriend, Bansi slaps him again. She feels that Siddharth has taken Roshni without permission. She also accuses him of taking Roshni out without her consent. In the end, Bansi gets into a brawl with Siddharth, and she argues with him. She reveals that she is trying to get him to kill her, and he is determined to stop it.

After the episode ends, Bansi gets angry with Siddharth for taking Roshni out without her permission. In response, Kunal apologizes to Roshni, and asks her to get information on Bansi. This leads to a confrontation with Siddharth. Then, Roshni slaps Kunal, and he is forced to fight back. However, when he finds out that she did this, he demands the information about Bansi.