The Beretta 96 is a semi-automatic pistol with a carbon steel slide and an aluminum alloy frame. It was designed for self-defense by off-duty police and those with pistol carry permits. Its safety features include a sear-locking system and a thumb-operated hammer safety. You can fire the pistol by either applying the hammer fully down or using a half-cock safety system.

The 92FS (M9) pistol was introduced in 1990. The Beretta 96 was designed to counter high-capacity restrictions in the civilian market. A holster is an optional accessory, as is an optic and a magazine. This handgun can be modified with sights, lasers, lights, and cleaning utilities. It is also ideal for law enforcement and home defense. It can be carried as a concealed carry gun with a sling or a backpack, as well as in an airplane or on a boat.

The Beretta 96A1 is a variant of the legendary 92FS (M9) pistol. The 9mm variant of this handgun features Bruniton finish and is chambered in powerful.40 S&W. It has three 12-round magazines and is safe, accurate, and reliable. Its design makes it a desirable choice for personal defense or concealed carry. So, take a look at the Beretta 94.

The Beretta 92FS (M9) pistol is a classic in the history of the Beretta brand. Its.40 S&W chambered chamber is one of the most effective in the world. It features two 12-round magazines and is highly reliable and safe. Its features are easy to use, including a recoil buffer. The Beretta 96 is an ideal choice for personal-defense. It is easy to conceal and adapt to concealed carry.

The Beretta 96 pistol was introduced in 1990 and was designed to meet the high-capacity restrictions in the civilian market. Its holsters and modifications allow for customized performance. These arms can be equipped with lasers, lights, and accessories. You can use this gun for hunting and as a personal defense tool. If you are in the military, the holsters and accessories can be interchanged. It is possible to buy the holsters and parts separately.

The Beretta 96 pistol series was introduced in 1990 and is similar to the 92FS in terms of style and design. Its chambered for the.40 S&W round is more powerful than the.38 S&W round and has a better accuracy rating. The 96A1 is available in both 9mm and.40 S&W calibers and is chambered for the 98-mm.

The Beretta 92FS Centennial is a limited edition of 500 pistols. It commemorates the Italian Military’s adoption of the first semiautomatic pistol from Beretta. The gun has a frame-mounted manual safety and a single-action only mechanism. The wood grip panel has a Beretta medallion on it with the company’s logo in Roman numerals. The 92FS is the successor of the M9A1. Its M9F adds a 1-slot Picatinny rail.