After the EFF published the report, Zoom has responded to the report by deleting the SDK that sends analytics to Facebook. According to CEO Zoom, Eric Yuan, a video call company did not realize the exercise until last week. In response, the company has updated the iOS version of its application and no longer send user information to Facebook. However, this has not yet stopped the user to complain about privacy issues related to the company.

The Facebook Privacy Policy requires companies to notify people about the practice of sharing their data and giving them the opportunity to choose out of tracking. While zoom responds quickly this problem, the company still does not comply with the policy. Even so, the company has not responded to a comment request. As for privacy issues, the company said that it never shared sensitive information with Facebook. The data distributed is shared, it includes user devices and time zones, a city, unique ad identification, and a number of other information. Trying additional visit Zoom to Facebook data sharing

It is not clear how much zoom division with Facebook. The company does not mention whether it shares data with third parties. It does not state whether it will share user information with other third parties. While the zoom privacy policy is relatively clear, users must remain careful. They should not use services without reading the terms and conditions. Developers must ensure that users have told themselves about application privacy practices. This company has a history of privacy problems. In January this year, a security researcher reported the problem with the webcam application.

Even though the company claims that it does not share any user data with Facebook, the iOS zoom application along with Facebook data regardless of the fact that users do not have a Facebook account. The company also shares device details such as time zones, cities and operators. The details are quite dangerous, and users must make their own decisions about what their privacy means. And although it is important to note that the data shared along with the partner’s site does not include sensitive information, there are still many reasons to be careful about it.

The company’s data sharing policy is based on Facebook’s own rules. The company claims that the disclosure of user information is not illegal. But it is important for users to understand that companies share data to comply with the law. The lawsuit describes the terms and conditions of the data distribution. This includes the use of SDKS to connect with other services. In addition, the company claims that fire charts are needed to allow applications.