There are several advantages of app development in the Caribbean. For example, app development for the poor is available in every sector and at every level of society. This includes the “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BoP), the lowest socioeconomic segment in any country. Low-cost mobile service has already improved the lifestyle of BoP residents. It has also improved decision-making and quality of life. The development of a mobile application that provides more relevant information to BoP users may significantly improve the quality of life in this group.

Apps are the driving force of media consumption for mobile users. They make up seventy percent of all media consumption on a mobile device. Caribbean app developers are in a unique position to address this need. While developing an app requires good programming skills, experience and knowledge, the Caribbean is home to a talented group of app developers. With a few resources and a supportive environment, this Caribbean App development caribbean market is on the rise.

With this new initiative, the World Bank and the University of the West Indies will provide mentorships and training for developers in the Caribbean. The program was launched late Tuesday afternoon in Jamaica and involves individuals from six Caribbean countries. According to a World Bank statement, this initiative is intended to nurture the next generation of mobile entrepreneurs. There are numerous opportunities for young Caribbean developers to learn and develop their own mobile apps. And with the help of this program, many more individuals can take advantage of the skills they have gained.