Comcast launched a new high-speed internet service called Gigabit Pro in a particular market, but not yet available in every city. While the plan is valued at $ 159 per month, this is still a steep discount compared to the monthly rate of $ 300 for its regular fiber service. If you are a small business with the need for colossal bandwidth, Gigabit Pro might be the right choice for you. But, if you consider switching from your current internet service, this review will help you make a decision.

Gigabit Pro is not for everyone. It’s only available in some areas, so you have to sign a two-year contract to qualify for it. However, this plan comes with other benefits, such as BGP peering. You can check your speed with the Gigabit Pro application, which can determine the closest WiFi hotspot. In addition, this plan offers a maximum speed of 2Gbps in certain cities. This is enough speed to fulfill most internet requirements and allow you to connect many devices to your network.

Gigabit Pro services will come to the west region starting early at the end of September. Comcast plans to complete the launch in this region in early November. Gigabit Pro was introduced by Comcast in 2015, initially offering a speed of 2 gbit / s symmetrical. It is designed to complete the DOCSIS 3.1 Comcast network that is widely used, which is currently at the top of 1.2 Gbit / s downstream. While Gigabit Pro is a new service for some customers, companies are mainly focused on a small number of housing customers.

Gigabit Pro is not a money that promises xfinity. It is cheaper than the equivalent business plan, but it took years to return the installation costs of $ 15,000. You might want to consider getting a fiber-to-the-home solution. Gigabit Pro is limited to several cities, but provides unlimited data and wifi hardware. Need to check out if you have money to invest in Gigabit Pro.

Gigabit Pro Speeds now doubled the price offered by Google Fiber. But at $ 230 a month, it’s still not cheap. Gigabit Pro is not an option when bundled with other Comcast services, such as TV or telephone. Instead, Gigabit Internet Service is an enhanced version of the Comcast’s fiber-to-place network that uses communication lines in most homes. So, if you think of improving your internet service, it’s time to start.