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But cannabis is illegal in the UK. It’s a class B drug, meaning that it’s illegal for most people to use. The Home Office doesn’t intend to legalise cannabis or allow it to be used for medical purposes. However, Dr Adam Winstock, a consultant psychiatrist at King’s College London and an addiction medicine specialist, thinks cannabis is the ultimate capitalist commodity. He believes that an app that can secure and deliver weed to customers’ doorsteps would be highly successful.

A good UK weed delivery service should offer discreet packaging and discreet delivery. Some companies even offer free shipping, which makes ordering a gram or two a breeze. You’ll need to be aware of the scams, as some of these sites try to rip you off by requiring you to buy a large quantity. Most sites will ask for extra payments for customs fees, insurance, and shipping. This is a scam because they know they can only rip off you once.

While high-CBD weed is a fun novelty to try, the British government is actively harming people by limiting its sale. The Buy weed online europe delivery government has been ignoring the evidence from around the world and actively hurting the people of the UK. It is time to end this criminalization and give the UK a chance to enjoy legal weed. Weed delivery services are now legal and growing in Switzerland. It is available in a range of shapes and sizes.