Before buying a Yorkie, make sure to visit a reputable breeder’s facilities. Check to see if they have genetic testing and a health guarantee for their puppies. Find out if they have a return policy and if they will re-home their animals if the new owners do not like them. Breeders should also be committed to finding new homes for their pets. In addition, be sure to ask about their training and temperament.

Yorkshire puppies for sale are known for their beautiful silky coats and spunky personalities. Yorkies are small toy dogs with many great qualities. They are intelligent and lively, and can keep up with young children. They are known to be playful and lovable, and will do their best to adapt to their new families. This breed is very affectionate, and will bond quickly with its new owner. If you’re looking for a loving companion, a Yorkie is a good choice!

As with all breeds, Yorkies have health concerns. They are prone to eye disorders and hypoglycemia, and are susceptible to a variety of diseases. They also tend to shed little, but do need to be groomed on a regular basis. Grooming should include combing and brushing. If your puppy’s coat is long, you may need to hire a professional to trim it. If you’re not familiar with the grooming process, visit a breeder with a wealth of knowledge about this breed.

When it comes to breeders, TLC Kennels in eastern Colorado is a great place to find your next Yorkie. This kennel has been breeding Yorkies since 1983. Its website has numerous testimonials and links. You’ll also find out if the breeder is licensed and registered. You can also contact TLC Kennels directly and inquire about their health guarantees. They also have a list of available puppies for sale.

When looking for Yorkshire puppies for sale, you should pay attention to the bloodlines and health history of each pup. Choosing an AKC-registered dog from a well-known breeder can save you hundreds of dollars. A healthy puppy will have a clear lineage. The price of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy depends on its lineage, so look for a reputable breeder when shopping for one. Just remember that the higher the lineage, the more expensive the pup will be.

Yorkies usually weigh four to seven pounds. There are also micro-puppies available. These puppies are often sold at a lower price than standard Yorkie puppies. It’s important to note, however, that micro-puppies are often a symptom of a serious health problem. For the best results, choose a standard Yorkie puppy from a reputable breeder. So, if you’re looking for a quality puppy for your family, make sure to research the breeder’s health history before making a decision.

You should also pay attention to the temperament of the Yorkie that you’re buying. This breed is very lovable and obedient but can be stubborn and mischievous at times. While they are easy to train, be sure to spend some time socializing the puppy with other dogs before bringing it home. Remember that the Yorkie will need frequent potty breaks and potty pads may be necessary if you live in a neighborhood.