Now it’s legitimate to buy marijuana in Portugal. This is good news for those who want to use herbs for medical or recreation purposes. Portugal is the perfect location to start your marijuana tribrip in Europe. Although the country still has strict rules about marijuana, he has seen a major decline in drug overdose. Here are some tips for buying marijuana in Portugal. Also, consider high THC content from Portuguese marijuana.

The Portuguese government approved the use of drug marijuana in June 2018. The law only applies to people with legal medical conditions and requires a doctor’s prescription. Patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders, cancer therapy, or chronic pain are among those who meet the requirements for drug marijuana. However, it is still illegal to buy marijuana in Portugal on the road. You might meet a cannabis dealer who sells herbs such as bay leaves or oregano.

The Portuguese government against the drug epidemic during the 1970s. Although the country was isolated from the outside world for almost half a century, it was released in 1974. The military and refugees brought along the culture of experiments and drug consumption. This culture will soon spread throughout the world. It becomes synonymous with celebrating freedom. Unfortunately, Portugal is not enough to prepare for the epidemic, because the government has a conservative reaction to drug use. Finally, 1% of the heroin addiction population. Wanting additional visit Portugal marihuana kaufen

While Portugal is now home to legal marijuana, buying marijuana on the road in Lisbon can be complicated. You might have to find a local dealer. It is recommended to ask the locals who buy weeds in Lisbon, but do not be fooled by local residents. Much safer to buy marijuana from local residents than to buy it from the road. Be sure to attend local laws and regulations before buying marijuana in Portugal.

Marijuana in Portugal is legal for medical purposes, and there are many medical benefits for this factory. The law in Portugal prohibits the sale of cannabis seeds in Portugal, but not illegal has a small amount of cannabis. If you are caught with marijuana on the road, you will most likely be ignored and your weeds will be confiscated. The best way to get marijuana legally in Portugal is to buy it from a licensed pharmacy or pharmacy.

In Portugal, you can buy marijuana if you are a medical patient. But you must get a license from the local government. Infarmed is responsible for regulating drugs and health products, including cannabis. Two political parties presented a bill in the Portuguese parliament that advised to legalize drug marijuana. Infarmed also approved the construction of plantations in Portugal. Plants will contain high amounts of THC and will be planted for export. In addition to sales of cannabis, you cannot buy tools or equipment to grow cannabis in Portugal.

SPD and FDP are not in the same camp, but the parties have different goals. Both parties try to legalize cannabis, with SPD encouraging model projects from local governments and FDP that promote national sales that are regulated in licensed professions. Justus Haucap, Secretary General of SPD, has estimated a positive effect on the budget of around 2.7 billion euros.