Although you might not realize it, foreign pop music is increasingly popular in the US Billboard magazine only put 16 non-English songs on their hot 100 graphics. This is proof of the success of this type of music, which can open the door for the complete new music talent world. Here are some examples of songs that have made an impact in the United States:

In 1958, an Italian song called ‘Volare’ became number one in Bill Billboard. It was a hit at the Sanremo Music Festival and Italian entry in the Eurovision Contest that year. The global success of the song was proven because the song was on the charts for five weeks, and it made the singer the first grammy. Although foreign songs rarely managed to reach the top of the U.S. charts, some more popular than others.

Some music genres are displayed in Foreign Songs. There are various styles, including RAP and Mongolian throat flavoring. Some of the best songs on this album are made in English. This album also contains several krautrock gems that you want to explore. And if you enjoy a more eclectic genre, there is nothing wrong with listening to the music of other countries. However, if you prefer to listen to pure music in the artist language involved, you might want to miss this album.

Another song that made the impact on the US was “permission to dance” by BTS. This song has become an internet sensation in the US, with more than 4.5 million display. In the United States alone, BTS is the most popular foreign band. Three of the songs made 7 Top Foreign Songs. This song starred in the Asian Mermaid Gaya in the music video. This song has been -Remix and has more than thirty million views on YouTube.

Many community choir displays songs in a foreign language. Although most of the choir members understand the language, singing songs in other languages ​​can help them connect with the whole meaning of the song and ‘taste’ of the language. When singing songs in a foreign language requires effort, the results can be useful. You will be surprised by the impact of only one song. And you will learn new languages ​​in the process.

Listening to foreign songs can prepare students for their future careers, and can help them get used to new cultures. When our world becomes more global, music can help us connect with each other. Music is a good bridge among culture. Thus, listening to foreign songs is the best way to improve your communication skills. When you learn about other cultures, you will be better prepared to be involved in conversations with local residents. The world is full of opportunities for you to get new friends and learn more about the language you learn.

The popularity of “back in blood” by BTS is another example of popular foreign songs. This Korean Boy Band Collaboration with Pop Sensation for the Remix, which garnered over 268 million views in YouTube in April 2021. Another Song from this Same Country, “Fiel” by Wisin, Features Jhay Cortez and Los Legendarios. It’s been watched over a half million time on Tiktok.