Where can you buy fake 100 dollar bills? It is easy to get them online. Just type in “prop money” in Amazon’s search box and you’ll get hundreds of results. The dollar bills will be inscribed with the words “PLAYMONEY” and contain the serial number “PLAY MONEY-PLAY MONEY-PLAYMoney-PLAY MONEY-PLAYMONONY.” Each piece costs $8 and is intended for pretend play, educational purposes, or both.

While looking at a bill, feel its ink. Does it have a raised ink? Fake bills will not have raised ink. Also, do you notice a portrait of Ben Franklin? Does it look sharp and detailed? Does it have a watermark, or is it a ghost copy? To check if a bill is real, you can compare it to a real one. You can also compare its feel to that of a genuine one.

In one case, an employee at a Home Depot in Tempe, Arizona, was caught red-handed using the same technique to swap cash for fake $100 bills. The employee, Adrian Jean Pineda, was a cashier and was responsible for counting money at the registers. The theft allegedly amounted to $387,500 over a four-year period. As part of his routine job, Pineda bagged the cash from registers and transferred it to her Wells Fargo account, which enabled her to evade the first layer of counterfeit detection.  Trying a lot of visit Buy fake 100 dollar bills

Authentic banknotes have tiny red and blue threads woven into the fabric. While counterfeiters attempt to imitate these threads, they cannot produce the same detail. The fake bills should be printed at the surface level. If you are buying fake 100 dollar bills, always check the printing with a counterfeit money pen. These instruments can help you identify authentic money. If you have a business, train your employees to check all bills of $10 and higher.