The quality of antigen testing depends on a number of factors, including the stored test method. The test cartridge must be stored at room temperature and not frozen. When storing the antigen test cartridge, the manufacturer gives instructions on how to deal with cartridges and read the results. Failure to follow the instructions will produce positive and negative test results. The following tips can help the laboratory provide the highest quality antigen test.

To do the test, the patient’s sample is mixed with reagents and buffers. Samples contain antibodies that bind to specific virus protein and detected in lateral flow strips. Color -based or light reading is used to identify antibodies. The test only takes a few minutes for complete results. Easy to use, requires a little preparation, and the cost is relatively small. In the end, your doctor will be able to make the best choice for your case.

Antigen tests are very sensitive and can reduce the risk of quarantine or unnecessary insulation. They can be as sensitive as 90%, which is much higher than the sensitivity of molecular tests. The disadvantage is that the false positive level is slightly higher, which depends on the prevalence of the disease and the proportion of the symptoms. However, this test does have a significant potential for the use of Pandemic. Antigen test approved by FDA from Quidel earlier this month.

Positive 抗原測試 from the official FDA laboratory can help health care providers make a diagnosis of confidence. However, the negative results of the diagnostic test must be treated carefully and precisely. Antigen test manufacturers show that negative test results must be considered as an introduction until further testing is completed. You might want to consider other diagnostic tests after your antigen test. The most accurate is often available in regulation that is lacking in resources, but it is possible to get wrong results when patients are symptomatic.

Antigen tests can help doctors identify the presence of viruses in respiratory tissue. This test identifies virus protein in the nose or saliva sample. These tests are not expensive and produce results in minutes. They can also help doctors identify active infections. There are antigen tests for strep throat, influenza, tuberculosis, and many other infections. But only one has an authorization of emergency use from the FDA. If you are worried about the efficacy of antigen tests, it is important to understand what it is and how it can benefit you.

Covid-19 fast antigen test device contains internal procedural control. This must indicate a red line (C) if you detect antigens. If you do not see the line (C) on the test results, the sample needs to be re -tested with a new buffer solution vial and test device. In terms of negative results, you must repeat the test and collect new samples from fresh patients.