Using a cloudflare origin SSL certificate is a secure way to protect your website. When you connect your server with Cloudflare, you are guaranteed that all traffic will be encrypted. It also provides additional benefits for your website. Cloudflare uses the same encryption key to secure your website as other companies, and your visitors won’t be able to decipher your private information. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to Install Cloudflare origin SSL on your web server.

A short certificate’s validity period means that it must be re-issued regularly. As the certificate ecosystem grows, so does the threat landscape. By requiring a shorter certificate’s expiry date, you will be one step ahead of the most common threats. Additionally, by encouraging the re-issuance of cryptographic keys on a regular basis, you will minimize the impact of a single key compromise. However, this feature will require additional technical knowledge.

Cloudflare’s origin SSL certificate is a free TLS certificate that enables end-to-end encryption on HTTPS. You can generate your own certificate manually, or you can choose to have the Cloudflare team generate one for you. The certificate contains your domain name, the zone root, and a first-level wildcard hostname. You can also include other zones in your account if necessary. You’ll also be prompted to enter your public key location and a private key.

When you’re using Cloudflare, make sure you change your DNS to reflect the new security certificate. You may have to wait for an hour or two for the changes to take effect. Once the changes are complete, your site should show as Active. In Cloudflare, look under DNS entries and make sure that both the DNS entries are full (strict) SSL certificates. You can then check your site’s security by viewing your account on Cloudflare.

Installing Cloudflare origin SSL for free will secure your website with HTTPS and provide speedy DNS resolution. Cloudflare also provides extra security by blocking malicious requests from reaching your web server. Although the service is free, it does require you to change your DNS. You can also opt for a paid Cloudflare CDN plan. Your cPanel must be configured to accept Cloudflare nameservers for your website.

Another option for installing Cloudflare origin SSL is the Let’s Encrypt service. It’s free, requires no monthly fee, and provides full-end encryption. However, you need to configure your web server and SSL certificates before you can use them. A good option is Let’s Encrypt, as it’s free and works for life. This option has been used by some of the biggest websites on the Internet.