The birth of Italy, Chiara Ferragni, has an enchanting resume. In addition to blogging on the website of The Blonde Salad, he is a fashion designer and collaborates with many beauty and fashion brands. His success in the fashion industry has made him get a place on the list of “Influencer Fashion Top” Forbes. Read on for the most famous collaboration. But, before we arrive at that, let’s review the achievements.

Chiara ferragni lives in Milan, Italy. He was a sharp traveler and enjoyed spending time with his family. He was even known to slide from cruise to the sea. In addition to his successful fashion career, she is the mother of two children and grandmothers of two. His shoe business is worth $ 10 million, and his personal collection covers more than 300 pairs.

The emergence of online Ferragni followers has developed beyond his blogs. He faces advertising campaigns and makes a collection of capsules for brands, and he has an influence on cultural institutions. He has inspired an increase in visitors to the museum and gallery with his post. His intelligent marketing tactics attracted the attention of the luxury brand of Titan Diego Della Valle, who invited him to become a member of his ado. He felt that he would be a big asset in building a good social project. The appointment caused the surge in TOD shares on the Italian stock exchange.

In 2009, Chiara Ferragni launched his blog, The Blonde Salad. He is one of the first Italian bloggers and is often photographed in Milan. Its success has given birth to various collaboration and promises of meeting from luxury brands. In 2015, the Italian fashion group Tod named them to their board of directors, and Louis Vuitton chose it to face the campaign for the new ranks of high -heeled slingback shoes.

During Pandemi Covid-19 that hit Italy, Ferragni became a celebrity. To help victims of this disease, he launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for hospital equipment. In just a few days, this campaign collected EUR4.4 million, including donations from rapper Fedez. In 2022, Fenice’s turnover will rise 130 percent to 61 million euros. However, the Italian brand needs to find new investors, and Chiara Ferragni hopes to succeed in the process.

The name lines of clothing, footwear, and accessories include accessories and children’s clothing. Italian brand Angelini Beauty has signed a license with Ferragni to launch a fragrance line. His first fragrance is expected to touch the shelf next year. Ferragni also has a makeup line that debuted in November. The TBS crew company, which manages its popular blog, has a budget of around six million euros.

The Chiara ferragni tattoo collection includes several smaller designs on her body. Top white plants with three lightning bolts arranged in a row are one of the more popular designs. Another favorite is a black leather jacket with “Luce” written in it. The Italian fashion label has also designed a costume for Verona Arena. And his sexy style, witty, and should be imitated has gained a lot of fame.