If you are looking for a unique beach vacation, consider a trip to Islas de San Blas. The island group is located in the middle of the carbe, and offers a clear crystal water and pure white sand. It’s easy to see why they are dubbed ‘heaven on earth.’ These islands are part of Panama, but are separated by the border for Guna Yala.

Embark Tours organizes complete service logistics for tourists at CARTI. With a professional team that is responsible, honest and on time, starting the tour ensures your safety and comfort while traveling at CARTI. Tour guides provide information about local areas and habits. The San Blas Islands are the perfect place for a vacation for couples or family. You can also bring your family and friends to this remote island to enjoy the untouched nature.

While living on the island itself will offer more privacy, visiting three additional islands can be a great experience. The amount of time spent on islands depends on traffic in San Blas, and you can choose to stay on one of the small islands. Private cabin is a wooden frame structure with sand floor, with two single beds in it. They are the ideal place for a casual vacation and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view.

When visiting the San Blas Islands, be sure to package a lot of water and snacks. Cell receipts and electricity are very limited, so plan to get out of the network while on the islands. If you plan to stay in one of the small islands, invest in a dry bag to keep your precious items dry. And don’t forget your passport. After you arrive at San Blas, you want to stay for a moment!

When visiting the Islas de san blas, be sure to ask your tour company to put a trip to other nearest islands. Isla Pelicano, for example, was made famous by the Netflix series “Money Heist” and many tours stopped by here. Isla Perro, also known as a dog island, is another popular island. This features some of the most clear water in the world, as well as shipwrecks outside the coast. If you want to snorkel, bring your snorkeling equipment because there is no rental shop.

The San Blas Islands are a group of islands off the coast of Panama, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. Although it is a relatively unknown goal, the islands are worthy of more publicity. They are a collection of beautiful islands, inhabited by ancient tribes. You will be able to see pure white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and turquoise water. Visit to these islands will no doubt be an unforgettable experience.

Indeed people in the San Blas Islands speak language that is mostly unknown to all Panama. The second most common language is Spanish. Cultural exchange is common in the Katamaran journey to San Blas. This exchange allows tourists to get acquainted with the culture and customs of Oklasa while buried themselves in the local language. This allows a deeper appearance on the island.