The birth of Iran and based in the UK, Salar Nouri is a director, screenwriter, animator, and CG artist. Born in Tehran, Noururi studied at the University College London and continued to learn to direct the USC School of Cinematic Arts where he worked under a director who was nominated by Oscar Michael Uno. After completing his title at the Royal Academy of Drama/C Arts, he founded Nouri Pictures and now producing films for various clients.

The filmmaker was born in Iran and raised in the UK, where he developed his creative interest and became a quality actor. Salar continued to study at the University College London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he obtained a master’s degree in text and performance. After completing his training in England, Salar moved to Los Angeles and continued to pursue his desires for art. In 2003, he won Silver Bear for his first film, Treement, and then won several awards and awards for his job.

Noururi Pictures, a Salar Nouri production company, established in London in 2020, had an impact on the world of short film animation. With a talented team and focused on storytelling, Nouri created amazing images and rich storylines that transcend the reality of our world. The first film produced by Nouri Pictures is called Treeman, about a young woman who has questions about her mystical tribes. The film is scheduled for premiere at the film festival around the world in 2022. Nouri’s career who will come is likely to be filled with more achievements in the future.