For the first time in 50 years, PRIDE MONTH is back! In New York City, celebrations were postponed due to a pandemic; however, virtual Pride celebrations continued in 2021. In 2022, PRIDE will take place fully in person. Here are some events to celebrate the upcoming celebration! In addition to the events listed below, here are some other events and activities to celebrate PRIDE Month in the near future!

For PRIDE MONTH 2022, Four Freedoms Park Conservancy will unveil the largest Pride Progress flag in the city. This flag will be visible across the East River from Roosevelt Island. To kick off Pride 2022, the conservancy has also invited the ballet company Ballet Hispanico to perform at the park. The performers are expected to create a space for dialogue and performance and make the flag colorful, visible, and proud.

On May 31, Amanda Lepore hosts her third annual Pride party in the city. Featuring performances by Jorgeous, season 14 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and Beaujangless, a drag performer, the party will also feature over 150 vendors and a pet parade. This year’s Pride festival also features a variety show featuring performances by Alaska Thunderf–k and Dyllon Burnside, both of “Pose” fame.

The month-long celebration is a global event with a focus on the LGBT community. New York City is the main hub of action, with parades and colourful events taking place. Events are held around the world as well, with various LGBTI groups marching the streets. This event is held every year and attracts people from all over the world. In addition, it celebrates the history and identity of LGBTQI people, and the struggle for equality.

While the event is celebrated across the globe, there are some challenges ahead. New York City’s Stonewall Inn was the source of many of the LGBTQ riots that have plagued the city. This event galvanized the LGBTQ community to take political action and advocate for the rights of the LGBT community. Since its founding, Schools OUT UK has made Stonewall Day through the month of February, and the celebration continues today.

In addition to the events, Pride Month also commemorates the Stonewall Inn raid in New York, which led to the establishment of LGBTQ+ rights. The Stonewall Inn was a favorite gathering place for many LGBTQ+ people in 1969. It was raided by police for selling alcohol without a license and roughed up the patrons. Ultimately, the raid led to the Stonewall riots.

While LGBT people celebrate Pride Month through the activities and marches in celebration of it, many people are unaware of the event’s origins. The first National Coming Out Day was celebrated in 1987 by LGBT activists and was recognized by all 50 states by 1990. Today, Pride Month celebrates LGBT history by encouraging people to learn more about their rights. The first lesbophobic act was recorded in Chile, and the legalization of same sex marriage in Ireland is a significant event in LGBT history.