When we say “transgender”, we don’t just talk about gender. We also talk about color transgender people, and these people need safe space as much as others. In fact, trans black women face a higher level of harassment for their gender identity than other groups. So what can you do to ensure your own safety? Here are some ways. And remember, don’t be shy to share your stories – we are here to support you!

Create a TRANS SAFE SPACE for your coworkers. The study shows that ninety percent of transgender people suffer from harassment at work. Workplace is a place where we spend the most time and where we grow, and that is a very vulnerable place. Not only hurting individuals and workplaces, but also affects the employer. It’s time for us to do our part to support those who struggle.

This program involves three parts training. After completing the program, you will be better prepared to support Emory students. Participants will learn about problems that affect LGBTQ people and get access to resources for students at Emory. This training is free and will help you understand the LGBTQ community. By completing this program, you will be able to protect Emory students and help them succeed. So, why wait? Start studying today!