Hide my WP is a security plugin that will help you keep your website visitors from seeing your personal details. This is available at Codecanyon, and has a 4.5 star ranking and more than 30,000 customers who are satisfied. In this article, we will briefly review the most important features. You can install hide my WP and start protecting your website today! Just follow the steps below to install the plugin. After being installed, the plugin hide my WP will prevent your visitors to see your personal information, including your email address and username.

The hide my wp plugin replaces the old url with a new one. This plugin offers two modes, which will replace individual addresses as needed. In partial mode, only the address you need to change will be changed, while the full page mode will scan all your output. You can choose to use partial mode if you don’t want to make changes on each page of your site. However, in full mode, Hide My WP will replace every URL.

You can also disable certain features and adjust your site. You can adjust the posts, pages, categories, and tags. You can also disable search archives and categories. When deactivating these features can damage the user’s experience, you can still create a safe site by replacing it with Google search. Hide my WP can also help you change the public structure of important plugin files, themes, and plugin files. You can use this feature to protect your website and ensure your visitors’ privacy.

Plugin Hide WP I make it difficult for hackers to detect your WordPress website. This works by changing your source code and permalinks. Hide my WP is easily installed and has a startup wizard interface. You must enter the purchase code before activating the plugin. To download my WP hide, visit the “Download” Codecanyon page. There, you can download the plugin. If you don’t have a purchase code, you can click the “Uninstall” button at the bottom of the page.

In addition to preventing intruders to see your personal information, hide my WP also helps to keep the hackers from the URL of the admin of your site. Hackers usually target admin URLs, so if you can hide this path, you will make them more difficult to get your personal information. Hide my WP is easy to use and provide security encouragement. This is compatible with Apache, Nginx, and Litespeed.

Plugin hide WP I protect your website from general attacks and can be installed quickly. Hide WP Ghost I help your website protect against common attacks by hiding your WordPress fingerprints and blocking vulnerable rest and XMLRPC services. This plugin also prevents attacks by preventing hackers from identifying certain plugins and themes. It also provides guidance on how to improve vulnerability. If your website is infected with this plugin, you can be sure that your security is not risky.