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MPO 100 comes with a strong Femtosecond laser system operating at a wavelength of 522 Nm. This allows you to process many polymer systems efficiently. MPO 100 is very useful for processing the ORMOcer class (R) material, which offers unique chemical, optical, and mechanical properties. This machine also supports high sensitivity photoresis processing. In fact, many MPO-100 applications require the use of two-moton laser.

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In addition to these features, MPO800 also has a large number of accessories and is compatible with the most popular camera brands. MPO 800 also includes a USB Flash Drive to facilitate the use and refilling stations. MPO 800 can even be used for wireless networks. You can buy a wireless keyboard for your MPO 800. MPO 800 also includes cradle, so you can easily bring your laptop with you and not worry about being stuck with MPO800.

MPO 8 and MPO 12 compatible connectors with other types of cables. The MPO-16 connector is compatible with a 100 GB/S line. MPO-8 connectors are more commonly used in company data centers, where they are compatible with six duplex fiber channels. This type of connector also supports migration from a single mode application to a higher-speed multi-channel application. The MPO-32 connector supports a variety of wider applications, including 10GB/S and 100 GB/S.

Tester Pro Multifiber Networks is a multi-fiber MPO connector test device. This helps you identify individual MPO connectors for the right polarity. It can also test individual channels and permanent links for the loss of insertion. Specifically, the MPO connector must be tested for the loss of insertion. This is very important for higher speed applications. This test device will detect if the connector is compatible with your network and if compatible with fiber cables.