Lego can be very expensive. This can have several causes. The main reason for this is that Lego sets are no longer sold by Lego. The longer a Lego set is no longer sold, the more valuable the Lego set becomes. But sometimes Lego is also very cheap. For example, a Lego theme can be a flop. Like for example the Vidiyo theme.Sometimes Lego sets are only sold for 8 months like some BrickHeads sets. Some sets are only available for one year, such as the Chinese new year sets.

Sometimes you can only get some sets at certain events. Like Comic Con, or only with certain promotions. These are also called GWP (Gift With Purchase) Lego sets. If you would like to have these GWP sets in your collection, keep an eye on the official Lego website. New promotions come out every month. These Lego promotions can run out very quickly. Wanting additional visit Expensive lego price

It also depends on the Lego theme. As with StarWars, Harry Potter, Mine Craft, But also cheap sets can double that! Like the Lego Speed ​​Champions. They can all be worth double within a year. It also has to do with whether special mini figures are present in a Lego set. Sometimes a certain minifigure is worth $50 or more. This often occurs with minifigures that only appear in one Lego set. And sometimes there are several rare mini figures present in a Lego set. But sometimes minifugres are also added to, for example, an Xbox or Playstation game.