There are several types of architects in Beverly Hills. The first is the Gruen Associates, one of the most prominent and oldest companies in the Los Angeles area. This company is famous for creating a world -class architectural design and has a diverse professional team to carry out the highest plan. Founded by Victor Gruen in 1946, Gruen Associates has expanded his expertise in including interior design, planning, and urban design. At present, companies maintain various clients.

Other important projects from Beverly Hills architects including Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The award winner project, which was once a post office, is now home to the Goldsmith Theater, which is designed to resemble a daily letter processing. Famous company projects with high quality expertise and the use of innovative design. The company also designed the Beverly Hills luxury housing tower, which is the western gate to the city.

The latest project from Yojisan Architects brought a minimalist design concept to the next level, combining passive-sound-sunar design elements and broad solar power. The house is the first permitted under the rules of the city’s new green building and uses a computer to operate the gray and shadu water reclamation system. This residence also includes a swimming pool, a 10 foot-high glass float -way wall, and two outdoor terraces.

Another company that offers architectural services at Beverly Hills is Gabbay Architects, a company that specializes in modern architecture. The main architect, Hamid Gabbay, is a former Professor of UCLA. He got the title of Ph.D. From the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and join Gabbay Architects to expand the company’s clients. Gabbay architect quickly became the leading company in Beverly Hills. Their design is famous and has won many awards.

While some architectural trends have developed from time to time, the characteristics of the area remain consistent. For example, the front yard is open, the position of the house on the road, and the height of the hardscape and a limited fence all contribute to the ‘character’ of the environment. These planning ideas give the environment to the historical environment – Individual homes are not important as long as they mingle with their environment. You may not even pay attention to the difference, but the architecture will have an impact on your home or business.

Another company at Beverly Hills that provides a variety of architectural designs is Montalba Architects. In 2008, Montalba completed the renovation of the Sony music headquarters, a 40,000 square feet office complex in the city. This project involves collaboration with studio Bonetti/Kozerski, and interior design is intended to create an open collaborative atmosphere. The company has received an award for its work and has been displayed in various publications.