The Alloy Origins 60 RGB mechanical keyboard comes with RGB lighting and can be customized to your preference. You can assign different colors to each key and rearrange the functions. This RGB keyboard supports up to 3 layers and features a DIP switch to change individual keys and row. You can even assign different lighting effects to different keys per game.

Although 60% keyboard do not have any dedicated keys, they are designed with shortcut keys that make it easy to navigate the keyboard. For example, you can reassign the F keys to a standard row of numbers by pressing the Fn key. You can also reassign the WASD keys with arrow keys, while the YUI, HJK, and NM keys can live as a cluster of navigation keys. However, you must be aware that the keycaps may have different shortcuts depending on the brand of the keyboard.

Other advantages of the 60 percent mechanical keyboard include the ability to combine click functionality with one keypress. It also offers support for macros. Moreover, RGB backlighting adds to the gaming mood by improving visibility in dark environments. In addition, some models feature hot-swappable keys that allow you to change mechanical keys without soldering.

Another good feature of the Origins 60 is that it uses USB Type-C. The cable hole is fairly narrow, so it can be used in a compact setting. You can also customize the RGB colors of the keys with NGENUITY Software. This software allows you to change the color of each key individually, and you can even reassign the keys to suit your preference. It also includes customizable animations such as Breathing, Confetti, and Swipe. The keyboard also has a Sun-compatible touch sensor that works only when NGENUITY is installed.

The Alloy Origins 60 keyboard has an aluminum body that is built to last for years. It uses HyperX switches that are rated for up to 80 million keypresses. It also features keycaps with secondary functions that are printed on them for quick access. The keyboard also comes with HyperX Engenuity software that lets you rebind key combinations and program macros.

The 60 mechanical keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a cheap alternative to a full-size keyboard. It features 60 percent of the full-size keyboard’s keys. There are many models on the market, and they vary in price and features. Just be sure to look for a reputable company that provides good support.

The 60% keyboard is increasingly popular. Its lack of 40% of keys makes it ideal for people who have limited desk space, want more finger position, or prefer a portable design. Its smaller size also makes it an excellent choice for esports players and streamers. The smaller keyboards are often lightweight and ergonomically tilted.