The data revolution has already begun in Singapore, with the government’s launch of plans to make the country a “Smart Nation”. The government is determined to make more data accessible to citizens and businesses, and it wants to involve the private sector in this process. The telecommunications industry is one of the biggest data holders in the country. It has wasted little time in using it to its full potential.

Despite the increasing need for digital services, however, Singaporeans feel helpless when it comes to sharing their personal data. In fact, seventy per cent of respondents in Singapore are resigned to sharing their data in order to access digital services. They also say they do not trust the service providers to protect their data.

The PDPA is a key piece of legislation that outlines the rights and obligations of organizations in the processing of personal data. It includes provisions on data protection, DNC Provisions, and the Personal Data Protection (Appeal) Regulations 2021. In addition, the Personal Data Protection Commission has issued advisory guidelines.

Another company that sells Data singapore in Singapore is Techsalerator, which is headquartered in the United States. It offers a variety of data solutions and services to global businesses. Its service provides Geotargeting, Identity Resolution, and Cold Outreach technologies. It also provides consulting and professional support. Furthermore, it encompasses supply chain services and managed procurement.

The government’s data portal, LTA DataMall, offers a variety of datasets. It includes public transport data. The data is updated monthly. It also includes data on vacancies and private residential properties. Detailed time series datasets are also available. There are several data services and websites for public data in Singapore.

Big data also helps the government solve problems. The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) has been working with various government agencies to solve a number of challenges. It has deployed data scientists in three government organizations. It also offers analytics and intelligence solutions to businesses. The data telcos collect is a valuable source of data for many companies.

The NAC also carries extensive data on trade in the country. Detailed trade statistics have been available since 1962. The NAC’s data covers various industries and countries. For instance, it provides detailed data on the import and export of goods from all over the world. Furthermore, it provides information about the value of goods.