Hawaii architecture has a long and rich history, and some of the top firms in the state provide a range of architectural services. The long-standing Peter Vincent Architects firm is a solid choice for clients who want the very best. Established in 1992, the firm is now headquartered in Honolulu and has expanded to the Middle East and Europe, as well as Asia. With offices throughout the Pacific, Peter Vincent Architects is well-positioned to meet the needs of any client.

WCIT Architecture, established in 2000, is another well-recognized firm that consists of internationally-trained architects. The firm specializes in residential, commercial, and healthcare facilities. It also offers signage fabrication and master planning services. Among its clients are businesses, private residences, and luxury resorts.

Another well-known example of a home that was designed by Top Hawaii architects was the Kailua residence of Peter Vincent Architects. The home was designed in the style of coastal-inspired architecture, and incorporated an expansive open-air layout with tall glass windows. This allowed for ample sunlight to reach every part of the home, which enhanced the connection with nature.

Another firm that offers architectural services in Hawaii is Welch and Weeks LLC. The firm is influenced by historic Hawaiian architecture, but also incorporates modern-day ideas into island living. The firm’s design models have been recognized by the American Institute of Architects and numerous trade publications. They can handle every aspect of your project, from permitting to construction oversite and completion.

While the capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu is a melting pot of cultures, and the architecture reflects the diverse and rich Hawaiian culture. The city also hosts a large number of cultural events, educational institutions, and tourist attractions. It is also the heart of the island’s cultural life. In addition to architecture, the city also offers an impressive array of cultural events.

Hawaii offers a low cost of living, making it a desirable choice for many architects. Although the average salary in the state of Hawaii is $32,124 (about 3.7 percent higher than the national average), there are limited opportunities for advancement in the state. The state ranks third among 50 states for architect salaries. But despite these challenges, Hawaii has a small and specialized market for the field.