The BCW Comic Top loader is the ideal way to store your comic books. Made of acid-free PVC, it offers maximum protection and visual appeal. In addition, this item is durable, so it won’t break or fall. You can use it for a long time to come. It’s ideal for anyone who loves comics but doesn’t want to risk tarnishing them.

Mo and the Gang is a classic comic book that has become a cult favorite. As the first lesbian representation in pop culture, Mo and the Gang have been entertaining readers for over 20 years. The characters debate politics, culture, and gender, and grow and change over time. The comic is also an excellent way to get a deeper understanding of comics and their art.

Each month, hundreds of new comic books hit store shelves. Often, these new titles don’t have a chance to catch the attention of readers, so it’s important to get to know some of the most popular comics and find out which ones are worth reading. Of course, just because a comic is popular doesn’t mean it’s a must-read for everyone.

The Comic Top selling comic books are grouped into several categories. These categories include Japanese manga, American comic books, and European comics. The best selling comic books are those that have sold at least one hundred million copies. The list also includes comic books from magazines, collected comic book volumes, and single-issue floppy comics.

If you’re looking for a comic that is full of satire, MAD might be the right choice for you. The first six issues of MAD, from 1952 to 1953, feature some hilarious pop culture parodies. For instance, the Superman riff in Issue 4 is still talked about decades later. Despite the fact that Wally Wood crammed every panel with background gags, this comic is still a classic.

A good comic book must be stored properly. This means it should be protected from humidity and moisture. It should also be properly protected from damage caused by rust. A poly bag will not protect your comic book properly. It can cause the pages to tear or stick to the back cover. Mylar bags are more expensive, but they offer better protection.

Many comic books also contain posters or other extra materials. These are often included to increase the value of the comic book. However, many of these comics also encourage you to cut out extra materials. Some include stamps and coupons that you can save. Some comic books even come with cut-out posters. Keeping these extra materials may increase the value of a specific issue.