Lidl released a new robot for its reach – Monsieur Cuisine Smart. Launched in December under the Silvercrest brand, robots cut, mix, grind, weigh, and cook food. It costs 429 euros, but can be purchased at a discount price if you have a Lidl Plus loyalty card.

This device has a 7 -inch touch screen and WiFi connection. It has more than 500 innate recipes, and you can even compile yourself. It is also equipped with additional accessories such as waffle makers and coffee makers. Hundreds of these equipment will arrive at the stores this Thursday.

Meanwhile, Lidl filed an appeal on the decision. The company can bring this problem to the Supreme Court, even though the company has not announced the time line. Until then, it will not sell machines. This might have appealed the assessment, but must comply with the dictum. The company will pay compensation sought by Vorwerk and the costs incurred.

The robot offered by Lidl has similarities with thermomix, a kitchen engine developed by Vorwerk. The company filed a lawsuit for patent violations against lidl after copied thermomix. Vorwerk has a patent in Spain that protects his robot. This decision made the robot violate its patent as a patent violation.

Robot is currently sold in Amazon for 349 Euros. Previously, it was only sold in LIDL stores and German websites. However, you might not be able to buy it from lidl if you live in this country. Also, Amazon prices vary, and robots may run out of stock.

Monsieur Cunct Connect is a smart food processor powered by the motor. Appears with 200 recipes that have been installed before. It also has a recipe application that you can use to make your own food. It also has favorite features. This machine is equipped with a lid, making it a useful kitchen utensil. This can be purchased for 349 Euros in the LIDL supermarket.

Monsieur Connect Smart Cuisine comes with all the accessories you need to cook delicious food. It appears with the inner and top steam baskets, spatula, cover, and bat. There is also an external steam basket. This application also has a list of food ingredients, which can help you plan your weekly food.

Lidl Monsieur Cuisine is an alternative that is cheaper than thermomix TM5. Although not doing all TM5 functions, this can be a useful addition to your kitchen. This machine is designed to work with most thermomix recipes. However, do not have recipe chips and scale. And the cooking book is almost not as good as TM5.