Independent identity is an approach to digital identity that places individuals in controlling their online identity. Using their own leafy identity, individuals can prove their identity to websites, services, and applications without the need for third parties to confirm their identity. This is an important concept that we can use to protect our rights and our privacy online.

This technology is Nft marketplace developed by companies that build networks to exchange digital ID data safely. This technology can be discharged, flexible, and certified fido2. One of the projects is 1Cosmos, distributed digital identity solutions. This solution functions on a private blockchain. This supports the use of public and personal cryptographic identities.

Independent identity can provide peace of mind, because it can be verified anywhere anytime, without the need for third parties. In addition, individuals can choose who has access to their personal information, and when and for how long. They can also revoke their access rights. This is an important step to achieve a correct digital identity -really independent for everyone.

Mandiri ID can revolutionize the way we manage our online identity. Unlike traditional IDs, Mandiri ID can be verified using an unchanged ledger. This means it can replace many documents and allow greater flexibility and security.

Independent identity gives people full control of their data and allows them to bring their own identity to the internet. This also allows anyone to prove their identity in online and offline interactions. It has many advantages compared to the traditional approach to digital identity, including minimizing the friction of onboarding service providers, as well as preventing identity theft and fraud.

Independent identity is a vital component of web 3.0. This eliminates the need for a centralized database for personal information and empowering users. Independent identity offers a decentralized belief model that protects privacy. Independent identity ensures that users’ credentials are verified and personal.