Studio Khora is a famous architecture company in Florida. This company specializes in creating a housing concept that suits the client’s unique needs. They help their clients understand various styles and create a beauty vision. The company also designed a luxury home designed to survive for decades. The portfolio displays houses and buildings by some of the most famous architects in the world.

Studio Khora has an office on Miami and Pompano, Florida, and is considered as one of the 50 top coastal architecture companies. Their work includes modern and contemporary homes. Their interior design is widely admired and can be found in some of the most prestigious communities. The company, previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, has won eleven differences in AIA.

This team is dedicated to contemporary architectural design. They have won several awards and have been named one of the 50 US top coastal architects. This company specializes in a luxury sea edge house and contemporary house. Studio Khora is also considered one of the top architects at Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

The company Famous architects Studio Khora was founded in 2003 and has a strong reputation. The company was led by President Jaya Cadre. He won the title of Master of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and since then working on various projects. He is a green advisor and puts an ongoing element into his design. You can see more of his work on his website.

This company has been displayed at Architectural Digest and coastal life, among others. In addition to designing upper -class luxury homes and commercial property, the company also serves various housing and hospitality clients in North America, Europe and Asia. The founder of Touzet Studio, a husband of husband and wife, has received several awards and is a leed-accredited professional.