The TL3 is a hybrid of the TL and the TeeBird, with the difference being that the TL has more speed and less glide. It does have extra glide, however, thanks to the Halo Star material. This is an excellent choice for those who are looking to get more speed out of a melon.

This melon has the potential to grow Dưa vàng large, squat, and have a high yield. Its high yield and quality make it a good candidate for hybrid production. Its high combining ability makes it a good candidate for high-yivory hybrids. The combining ability is a diagnostic trait that is used to determine crop plant traits.

Another high-tech melon farm in Vietnam is the Truong Quang Bon farm in Ninh Thuan Province. Its one hectare farm complies with the VietGAP standards and grows two types of melons. It also grows cantaloupe separately and uses an Israeli drip irrigation system. Workers bring thousands of bees to pollinate the melon plants.