There is a great deal of information to digest when learning how to use BSG. For example, the web site offers a BSG PowerPoint that students can download and save to their hard drive. This PowerPoint helps students develop flowcharts of variables and decisions that affect the Athletic Shoe Industry. This will give them a better understanding of how to use the program.

BSG was founded in 1997 and specialises in business analysis. The company provides services that help clients shape fact-based change across their businesses using cutting-edge methodologies. The company is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor and is owned by its employees and management. Its shareholders include the South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union.

The player’s guide is also available in PDF format. It’s the perfect resource for new players as it has been designed to answer questions relating to the game. Players can also search for specific terms in this PDF document. However, this resource is only available to registered players. You can download it from the Corporate Lobby.

Among the different decision BSG Help entry pages, the entry optimization page is the most important one. Toggling values in the optimization page allows you to maximize your profit. While market share percentage is not vital in BSG, it’s more important to maximize your net profit. Be sure to write down the net profit number when comparing values.

BSG’s clients tend to be late-stage start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. They may be looking to launch a new product or service or require a third-party perspective. In the last few years, the BSG team has supported over a dozen clients and completed projects across a wide range of industries and functions.

The BSG game is also a great way to practice critical thinking skills. Players learn to analyze their competitors’ strategies and come up with specific steps that will help them succeed. They also need to develop their teamwork skills by reporting their ideas to others. BSG is an excellent training for students who are preparing for a career in business.

Using BSG helps students learn and understand the core principles of business management. Using the BSG screen, students learn how to set up a successful marketing and pricing strategy. In addition, the BSG helps them learn to develop creative ways to stand out from their competition. This way, they can become more profitable in the long-run.