Podiatry drills are tools used by podiatrists to perform routine nail care and foot health treatments. They can also be used to treat damaged nails, which can occur due to bacterial infection or lifestyle habits. Various types of podiatry drills are available, including battery-powered and dust-extraction models.

Podiatry drills are available in several styles, including those shaped like pears. They are great for smoothing rough edges, rounding and thinning nails, and semi-precision work. These instruments feature precision ball bearings and integrated automatic spray systems. Moreover, they have footswitch controls for easy operation. They also come with a water reservoir on the front for ease of refilling.

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Occupational health risks for podiatrists include exposure to blood-borne viruses, sharp scalpels, and microbial dust. The Health and Safety Executive has developed a risk-reduction strategy for these types of hazards. This strategy includes foot care assistants, beauticians, nail technicians, and others in the beauty and health industries.