Lesbian kisses and violent martial arts battles have been the focus of French Connection’s latest advertising campaign. The ad was aired during London Fashion Week, and has since attracted 39 complaints from consumers. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is investigating the campaign to ensure that it doesn’t breach advertising regulations.

The French Connection’s latest ad was directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones. It featured a headbutt, clothes being ripped off and, of course, a kiss. It was a controversial advert and caused a pre-vetting order by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which banned the brand from using the FCUK slogan in outdoor advertising. Since then, the brand has dropped the slogan from its advertising, but still uses it in its shops.

One The french connection kissed ep of the film’s best-known scenes is the chase sequence, which features Popeye Doyle chasing Nicoli in a car that commandeers an overhead L train. In fact, the film’s chase sequence began as a spitball between Friedkin and D’Antoni. The director wanted the sequence to be better than Bullitt’s, so the two filmmakers came up with the idea of combining a train and a car.

“The French Connection” has many memorable scenes, but none quite compare to the chase scene. It’s a classic movie chase scene, with Doyle pursuing Charnier into an abandoned building. In this scene, Doyle nearly shoots Russo, but he’s luckily distracted by a shadowy figure, which turns out to be the federal agent who’s helping the cops with the case. This ending, however, is a little off-putting.