If you’re looking for a hairdresser Warsaw, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re traveling on business or just want to look your best, there are a number of excellent options. Browse through the list below and find one that suits your budget and style. Then, sit down with a hairdresser to discuss your needs and style goals.

You can find a hairdresser in Warsaw using the Moovit app, which has over 930 million users worldwide. This app helps you navigate the city by showing you bus and train schedules and times, as well as giving you a map of alternative routes. Moovit works with other transport apps, too, so you can use it to find bus and train times to Karol Miedzinski Fryzjer Warszawa and other nearby locations.

KATRIN hairdresser Warsaw is a barbershop and hair salon in Warsaw. It is located at Wyszogrodzka 1, Targowek, Warsaw. It has received 62 customer reviews and has a 4.7-star rating. Guests can check out their profiles to read about their experience and to see examples of their work.

Chopin’s involvement in salons is also well-known. It is said that Chopin would not have liked to participate in public performances because he preferred the private environment of salons. This has caused embarrassment for some Chopin scholars who have struggled to find a way to reconcile the salon environment with the profound music that Chopin composed.

The first half of the nineteenth century saw salons devoted to serious performance, with a dozen in the city. Clientele in these salons varied in social standing, including members of the aristocracy. Some salons were social and gathered people for social and intellectual events. Others focused more on music.