Flower seeds are a great way to grow your own fresh flowers. Whether you’re growing your own bouquet or a mass of annuals and perennials, flower seeds are an excellent way to get started. Many flowers self-seed but you can also start them indoors by direct seeding them. This is especially helpful for plants in cooler climates.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are an old-fashioned flower that is both warm and welcoming. They’re also a favorite among artists and fashion designers. Sunflowers can be found in various colors and shades. You can also plant celosias, which add depth to the garden and add texture to an arrangement. Petunias: Another classic flower, petunias are a great choice for your spring garden.

Perennials: Perennials tend to spread and bloom for a long period. However, they need good drainage in order to survive in the garden. A soggy soil will kill them. Also, you can harvest spent flower heads to encourage further blooming. Then, save the seeds for next year.

Flower seeds can be saved by Hạt giống observing the plants for flower seeds. By marking the best blooms and seeds, you’ll know which ones to collect. You can also consider the size of the bloom, whether the flower is fragrant, and what color it is. Depending on your preferences, you may even want to try collecting seeds from some of the plants that bloom early in the spring.

Seeds are a great way to start a beautiful garden and add variety to your landscape. Many annual flower plants are easy to start from seeds and will bloom throughout the growing season. Plus, they’re cheaper and easier to grow. You can also read the seed catalogs to see what’s best for your area.

Sunflowers are summertime essentials, but you can plant them indoors as well. Sunflowers are annuals, so they’ll flower at the same time as plants grown outdoors. If you don’t want to take the trouble of transplanting them, consider growing dwarf varieties of sunflower seeds. They’ll fit into most sunny spots and grow quickly.

Seeds need to be collected on a sunny, dry day. Using a garden clip, separate the seed pods from the chaff. After picking the seeds, wash them well to remove debris as they can harbor fungus and insects. Once the seeds have been cleaned, you should spread them out to dry. The seeds should also be stored in an airtight container in a dark, cool place. A gentle fan can speed up the drying process.

Marigolds are an annual that will flower throughout the summer. They can be planted after the last spring frost date. They take about 60 to 70 days to flower. They’re easy to grow and attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. They’re also great plants to grow because they don’t need much maintenance.